Andrei Mackenzie

Andrei Mackenzie

Engineering Manager at Xandr

13 Dec 2012

Altering Large InnoDB Tables

Large InnoDB tables in MySQL present a common challenge: How are columns best added or removed? For this article, "Larg...
20 May 2011

Levenshtein Distance in JavaScript (Node.js)

In my effort to learn more about [Node.js](, I implemented a simple price lookup web application usi...
06 Feb 2011

A Twitter Feed on Jekyll

I’ve been looking at options for integrating a [Twitter]( feed on to this site. I first experim...
20 Jan 2011

Access GitHub on Windows using Plink

I came across [this discussion](
22 Dec 2010


I’ve been looking into web frameworks for building a simple site. I want something extremely lightweight, yet something...