Andrei Mackenzie

Andrei Mackenzie

Engineering Manager at Xandr

I am not actively seeking new employment opportunities at this time.

We’re Hiring at Xandr! Please reach out to learn more about roles on my team.

Professional Experience

Xandr - Engineering Manager - October 2019 - Present

I lead a geo-distributed development team focused on television advertising. We develop, test, and deliver software in Go, JavaScript, and Java. We leverage the AWS platform.

clypd - Sr. Principal Software Engineer - June 2014 - October 2019
clypd is now part of Xandr

Clypd was a supply-side focused platform for television advertising. As a generalist engineer, I implemented numerous REST API services in Go, activated audience characteristic data to inform linear schedule optimization using the Redshift analytics-focused database, developed various types of integrations with our partners, among other projects.

I also played a leadership role in our DevOps and platform technology discussions. These activities led to significant advancements in how we developed, tested, and delivered our software to production. Highlights include the development of a multi-component integration test using Docker, work to develop and maintain our CI/CD pipeline in Jenkins, and management of our AWS infrastructure via Terraform.

In addition to my technical focus, I significantly grew my people management skills while at clypd. I provided 1:1 mentorship and career development to several engineers. I also led our university outreach efforts to recruit and hire co-op students. In addition to helping students learn and develop their careers, these efforts significantly augmented our engineering capacity and resulted in full-time hire conversions. I contributed to establishing and evolving our Agile development process, including serving as Agile Coach on my development teams.

Millennial Media - Senior Software Engineer - November 2013 - June 2014
Millennial Media and Jumptap later became part of Verizon Media

At Millennial Media, I continued to build software in Java to extract meaningful insights from the newly-merged company’s vast ad activity logs. As a technical lead on the engineering team focused on this function, I was involved in drafting how our technical stacks will come together in support of consolidated reporting. I also worked on planning and procurement for a Hadoop cluster. I learned a lot about how organizations can come together to build a combined product offering, consistent technical stack, and collaborative culture.

Jumptap - Senior Software Engineer - November 2013 - June 2014

Jumptap was a mobile ad network that operated just as the iPhone and similar smartphones were becoming ubiquitous. I contributed campaign and inventory management features to the Demand and Sell-side Platforms implemented in Java. I learned about a novel use of the Solr search technology for ad selection and prioritization.

My area of focus and expertise was delivery reporting, billing, and analytics based on the high data volume ad activity feeds produced by our ad servers. This involved custom application development, columnar-oriented databases (Infobright), and extensions for the Pentaho suite of ETL products. Our ad traffic doubled roughly every six months at this time, so keeping up with our scale was a challenge.


Northeastern University Boston, MA Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 2011

I participated in software engineering internships and co-op assignments while at Northeastern:

  • At Art Technology Group (ATG - now part of Oracle), I contributed features to one of the early scaled eCommerce platforms in Java. I helped launch a SaaS eCommerce platform for a major vendor of children’s educational toys and software.
  • At Sunstein Law, I delivered productivity-enhancing custom applications within the Microsoft Office .NET ecosystem. I achieved credit as ‘Inventor’ of a patented (Patent # US 2010/0185665 A1) Exchange-based system to reduce annoyance and mailbox clutter from e-mails sent to organization-wide distribution groups.
  • At BlackRock, I used Perl and JavaScript to augment the corporate intranet to implement tools for insiders and consultants, including for time tracking, calendaring, and authoring bulletin e-mails.


Cycling, cooking, Magic: the Gathering